Tash McAuley, Owner NATULIQUE New Zealand

After being in the hairdressing industry for over 20 years, I was on the hunt for a product that was less toxic, was kinder to the environment and made my clients feel amazing. I discovered NATULIQUE and from there my journey with the NATULQIUE family started

My passion is to let New Zealand salons know that there are cleaner options out there, with fewer chemicals and better for us personally, and for our clients.

NATULIQUE has produced a beautiful range of products that I am proud to represent in New Zealand. I am NATULIQUE New Zealand so that means I personally will be your contact, your trainer, processing and shipping your orders.

I’m excited to help New Zealand get on board this wonderful brand and as a hairdresser and salon owner myself, I understand what you may be looking for.

Welcome aboard the NATULIQUE New Zealand Family!